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The North Korean Soldier Shot In Border Blitz Awakens — His First Words Are Astonishing

The unexpected recovery of a North Korean soldier has occurred and his first words illustrate a powerful understanding of what life must be like in North Korea.

North Korean soldier

Kim Jong Un is the North Korean dictator and toddler tyrant currently controlling North Korea and its citizens. Many have tried to flee only to be meet with immediate death for their ‘traitorous’ actions. One North Korean soldier managed to escape to South Korea but not without sustaining life threatening injuries. It was unclear wether he would ever regain consciousness but that’s no longer the case as he has now awoken.

The unnamed soldier whose identity is being withheld for safety reasons, had some astonishing first requests that paint a very vivid picture of the inhuman lifestyle that North Koreans are being made to suffer at the hands of a ruthless dictator.

Via Allen B West:

Recently, we learned that a North Korean soldier deserted his post and ran for safety. That’s an incredibly dangerous move that’s punishable by death in North Korea. There isn’t supposed to be weapons at the DMZ. But, that soldier ended up being shot by his fellow North Korean soldiers as he ran to safety. He was shot several times and was in really bad shape.

From Fox News:

Surgeons treating a North Korean soldier who was severely wounded by gunfire while escaping to South Korea have removed dozens of parasites from his body, including presumed roundworms as long as 11 inches, hospital officials said.

The soldier, whose name and rank have not been disclosed, defected to South Korea last Monday by driving a military jeep near a line that divides the Koreas and then rushing across it under a barrage of bullets. Hospital officials said Saturday that it was too early to tell whether he will make a recovery.

Watch Here:

“Is this actually South Korea? I want to hear South Korean songs,” the man said after waking up in a South Korean medical facility, presumably curious as to whether or not he made it to the South, the JoongAng Daily introduced. The medical staff hung the South Korean flag in the man’s hospital room to comfort him, Yonhap News Agency revealed.

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