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NPR Attacks Kanye West With Racial Slurs for Daring to Question Democrats

Kanye West is at the center of a possible political shift within black culture, and the left is doing everything they can to discredit and smear him.

Over the last several weeks, the often controversial musician ignited a firestorm when he praised conservative speaker Candace Owens, and was seen proudly sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat.

The basic message of Owens, and now musicians like Kanye and Chance the Rapper, is simple: Democrats don’t own black Americans, and it’s time for the community to break free of single-track thinking.

In a rush to criticize blacks who are rejecting liberalism, some pundits called Kanye and others “Uncle Toms,” either literally or figuratively.

Now, even NPR is getting in on the disgraceful action. Over the weekend, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster openly called Kanye West a “colored boy” in an opinion piece that would almost certainly spark outrage and charges of racism if it had been penned by a white conservative.

“For Colored Boys Who’ve Considered Career Suicide When Good Music Wasn’t Enough” is the title of the NPR hit-piece authored by Rodney Carmichael.

“When the unmasking of heroes and villains happens all at once, it can be hard to distinguish which is which. It’s the kind of inherent contradiction that lines up perfectly with Kanye’s Gemini sensibilities,” Carmichael wrote, implying that the musician had become a villain.

The journalist then presumed to speak for Kanye, and declared that the rapper’s views were contrary to what was actually good for him.

“Kanye isn’t the only voice in hip-hop to cast metaphorical votes against his racial self-interest, unwittingly or not,” Carmichael continued.

Think about that for a moment. This is a mainstream journalist scolding a black free-thinker and telling him that other people know what’s best for him.

When you add the phrase “colored boy” used by NPR to describe Kanye, the entire approach reeks of arrogant superiority, and dare we say, racism.

It must be pointed out that even the word “boy” by itself when directed at black men is a racial epithet.

“It’s the ultimate sign of disrespect, and is often more offensive than calling them the N-word,” explained Essence Magazine contributor Roland S. Martin to CNN in 2008.

“For years black men were summarily dismissed and treated with disregard. It was as if their stature was diminished when someone white called them a boy,” he continued.

Perhaps Rodney Carmichael believes he gets a pass because of his own skin color, but put on the colorblind glasses for just a second. Ask how this would have been published if the author wasn’t able to hide behind double standards.

Ironically, all of this confirms what Candace Owens and, less eloquently, Kanye West seem to be saying.

To borrow the analogy, a growing number of black Americans are fed up with feeling like they live on a Democrat plantation, used for votes and discarded or dismissed as “colored boy” and “Uncle Tom” when they speak up for themselves.

It remains to be seen whether Kanye West is serious about his newfound conservative leanings, but one thing is clear: There’s a cultural shift happening in the black community. The left cannot stand it, and that is exactly why it is so important and powerful.

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