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Obama con DACA

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Charlie Hurt Puts Obama ON BLAST: Calls Him Out For Being A Con!

“Anybody with a law degree knows that it’s not going to work out, [President Obama] lied to those people…”

Charles Hurt from The Washington Times explains Obama’s DACA con on Fox News; this is where the blame belongs!

The world is melting down after Jeff Sessions announced that they will be rescinding the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program. The blame is being placed solely on President Trump even though he’s only responsible for returning law and order to America. Hurt tells the world exactly where the blame should be and why.Obama Con DACA

News Politics|“Anybody with a law degree knows that it’s not going to work out,” Hurt said. ”[President Obama] lied to those people, he tricked them into giving all of their information. And now stands on the sidelines, now that we have a lawful person to come back and restore constitutional lawfulness when it comes to this, and he’s going to accuse Donald Trump of being cruel?”

Hurt hit the nail on the head. How can you blame Trump for following the rule of law and enforcing it? When someone promises you something that they can’t give you, are you mad at the person that tells you the truth or the person that lied to you?

[…]Hurt was discussing to how DACA beneficiaries are registered with the federal government and are not illegal immigrants, which has caused a lot of whiners to complain about the end of the program. They care so much about these “Dreamers” that they want them to be stuck here without their family and with no job. The fact is they are given work permits and don’t work.

“Who’s the guy that conned these people into giving the information in the first place?” he asked. “He is! It’s the height of hypocrisy, and it just proves that despite all of the rosy promises that we got from Barack Obama in 2008, he was a terrible president.”

Obama conned DACA What people don’t understand is that DACA was never permanent, these “dreamers” could have been deported in the future anyways. President Trump is doing nothing more than fixing an unconstitutional program that Obama should have never created.

Obama caused this humanitarian dilemma. Congress will come up with something to help this group of people that were brought here by their parents. DACA didn’t even make it possible for these kids to become citizens! They’ve been here for years, citizenship would have been a great goal but Obama’s program didn’t put them on the path to get their citizenship.

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