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Government Corruption

Obama’s College Records Released…What They Say Could Have Criminal Implications!

Obama’s college records were kept well hidden and now we know why.

Barack Obama presented himself as a distinguished man that had received a fine education and was well versed in the art of public speaking. More like the art of manipulative public speaking. And as for the stellar education, well the school may have been prestigious but his grades certainly weren’t.

Obama's college records

Via Gators Mouth:

Despite the fact Barack Obama was known by several aliases, had used as many as three different social security numbers in his life (NOT ONE coming from the state he was allegedly born in, indicating fraud on at least SOME level), paid MILLIONS of dollars to seal his past tighter than everyone in witness protection program combined, was such close friends with convicted terrorists that he felt comfortable enough to leave his children with them, and when offered $50 MILLION DOLLARS to disclose his college transcripts, he refused to do so (not like that gives any clear indication something is being hidden), Americans somehow still chose to elect Barack Obama to the Oval Office not once, but twice.

Obama has proven to be nothing more than a skilled conman with personal gain being his premier objective.  With him out of office we had hoped that was the last we’d see, but no. Almost a year into Trumps presidency and the mainstream media still makes Obama part of everyday American news.

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