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Pastor Supportive of Trump Goes Off on Dems, Calls Maxine Waters a ‘Crazy Aunt’


Before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, pastor Darrell Scott’s sermon came strait from II Corinthians.

As pastor Scott departed from the Bible with blinding speed, and words after words flew from his mouth, the organist played in the background in his recently built New Spirit Revival Church.

“You are more than your house-ah!” he said. “You are more than your job-ah! You are more than your career-ah! You are more than your clothes-ah!”

Pastor Scott is a Donald Trump supporter and had previously introduced Candidate Trump at Ohio rallies as he gathered his peers to meet him in NY. With Donald Trump being Scott’s first endorsement, it placed him in green rooms and in arenas full of screaming Republican voters. Scott has retold his story of how he and Donald Trump met when he was invited to the Trump Tower in 2011, when Trump was first thinking about running for president.

Scott found a prayerful Christian who would fight with him to defend his community and faith. “Christianity gets a bad break,” he said, recalling how Trump agreed with him. “We’re presented as being bigoted, narrow-minded people, and there seems to be no anger over this. When we oppose transgender bathrooms and same-sex marriage, we’re portrayed as the enemy.”

When Trump began running for president, Pastor Scott became his advocate.

Via ijr:

Throughout his candidacy and presidency, some have maintained that Donald Trump is a racist. Darrell Scott, a prominent black pastor and strong supporter of the president, says this is simply not the case.

Scott has weekly meetings with White House chief of staff John Kelly regarding minority housing programs.

Stuart Varney of Fox News didn’t waste any time getting into the meat of the matter, “Why is Maxine Waters saying this kind of thing?”

Scott replied, “This race card that the Democratic Party keeps playing is getting played out. It’s about as worn out as a deck of cards in the penitentiary. No matter what the president does. No matter what the president says, they’re going to try to play the race card when they don’t have anything else.”

He then goes on to liken Waters to the “drunk aunt” in a family:

“She talked about the president … [not] behaving presidentially; she needs to act and behave congressionally.

You know you have what they call the drunk uncle? She acts like the crazy aunt that’s just rambling and babbling incessantly over every little thing, and her act is becoming very, very stale.”

He added that Waters needs to be more careful with how she speaks publicly because there are plenty of other people who are ready to take her seat.

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