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Piers Morgan Asked Trump About Being ‘Banned’ From England Then Instantly Regrets It

British journalist, Piers Morgan, questions Trump on English ‘ban,’ his response is beyond epic.

Piers Morgan

President Trump has received a less than welcoming response to presidency from liberals and foreign leaders alike and certain countries have gone as far as to ‘ban’ the president from local visits.

Recently the British reporter known as Piers Morgan had an opportunity to question the president and while doing so decided to ask about said ban, rather than taking the bait, President Trump responded with the facts. Liberals around the world are weighing in on what is happening in America and liberals have the audacity to speak of collusion, would mass democracy of the liberal persuasion be collusion?


Morgan began by comparing our President with a few of the world’s most brutal dictators:

“We’ve given state visits to Bashar Al Assad, to Robert Mugabe, to Vladamir Putin, and to President Xi, so the implication from them trying to ban you, is that somehow you’re worse than they are.”

Trump took the high road and tried diffusing Morgan’s suggestion by dismissing it, saying he hadn’t heard about those wanting to ban him:

“I think a lot of the people in your country like what I stand for. They respect what I stand for. I stand for tough borders.”

Morgan then asked, “To those who don’t what do you say to them.”

Trump responded like the bold leader he has proven to be: “I don’t care.” Trump could’ve said too bad “elections have consequences” like Barack Obama did but he kept his answer deliberately short and presidential.

America will NOT survive unless it begins to focus on itself and not the millions of problems every other country is facing. This is because none of them are focusing on us.

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