John Kasich Denies That The “Hamilton Electors” Plan To Choose Him Over The President-Elect In Last Effort To Dump Trump


Anti-Donald Trump electors scramble around to try and find an alternative to Trump before he is sworn in. Their hope is for Ohio Gov. John Kasich to take the role as President if they could convince the Republican electors to abandon Trump. Well, all that hope was crushed when Kasich told the anti-Donald Trump party news they were not expecting…

VIA| In an effort to stave off further division among voters, Ohio Gov. John Kasich issued a statement aimed at a handful of members of the Electoral College.

Kasich’s statement was an attempt to dissuade a group of Democratic electors, calling themselves “Hamilton Electors” from voting for him as an alternative to Trump.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Kasich is enjoying a high approval rating as Ohio’s governor, which, coupled with the fact he won the Ohio primary over Trump, makes him a good alternative to the president-elect.

While Kasich refrained from supporting Trump during his campaign, he did call the president-elect to congratulate him on his victory.

At one point following Trump’s nomination, Kasich told CNN he was contacted by someone from Trump’s organization and questioned about the possibility of joining the Republican ticket as the vice-president.

The goal behind the Hamilton Electors is to convince Republican electors to vote against Trump to reduce his number of electoral votes to below the required 270, thereby sending the election to the House of Representatives.

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Kasich has every right to tell these anti-Trump electors just how he feels.

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