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As Media Report on North Korea’s ‘Charm,’ Three Americans Are Still Being Tortured in North Korea

Media Reports on North Korea’s ‘Charm’

As you can clearly tell, many U.S. news outlets have ran their headlines and news stories to make it appear it was created by North Korean propagandists.

Of course the “charm offensive” being employed by the North Korean rule at the Winter Olympics is not doing its job on South Koreans.

Many American media outlets are running stories like this…

This is resulting in South Koreans protesting North Korea to show their aggravation…

Even Agence France-Press showed protesters waving American and South Korean flags livid with members of Pyongyang’s Samjiyon Orchestra being able to show a concert in Seoul and see South Korean President Moon Jae-in as a North Korean sympathizer.

“Having these red communists in the heart of Seoul is an utter humiliation,” one protester shouted.

“We are against the ugly political Olympics,” one of their banners read.

Via ijr:

With multiple American media outlets reporting on North Korea’s “charm offensive” from dictator Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, and the country’s delegation, one thing that’s been lost in the mix is the fact that there are still three Americans who are currently detained in North Korea.

The families of the detained Americans have started Free USA 3 to help spread the word.

According to Free USA 3, each of the men were arrested for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government or espionage.

Kim Sang Duk:

Kim Sang Duk (Tony Kim), 59, is an American who was detained by North Korea authorities at Pyongyang International Airport on April 22, 2017. No reason is given at the time of his detainment. Kim was in the country to teach at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. The South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that Tony also engaged in humanitarian work in the North, helping orphanages in the country’s northeast. In May 2017, Tony Kim is allegedly accused of “committing criminal acts of hostility aimed to overturn the (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).”

Kim Dong Chul:

Kim Dong Chul, 64, is an American businessman who was taken into custody in North Korea in October 2015. He was accused of committing “offenses in a scheme to overthrow the socialist system of the DPRK,” according to state-run news agency KCNA. In March 2016, North Korean officials allege that Kim confessed to espionage charges. In April 2016, Kim was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor for subversion and espionage.

Kim Hak-song:

Kim Hak-song, 55, is an American who was detained in North Korea on May 6, 2017. Kim was “a man who was doing business in relation to the operation of Pyongyang University of Science and Technology,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported. He was detained on suspicion of committing “hostile acts” against the country’s government. Pyongyang University of Science and Technology said Kim was doing agricultural development work with the university’s agricultural farm.

With the Winter Olympics taking place so close to North Korea, they’ve been a constant reminder to the families of those still detained there.

“As I watch the news about the Olympics, I know my dad is being held just miles away from there,” Sol Kim, son of Tony Kim told Fox News. “It makes me wonder if there’s an opportunity for the U.S. government to press harder for the release of my dad, and all three Americans.”

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