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The Weird Case Of Black Male Prostitute Body Found Inside Top Democratic Donor’s House

Liberal crimes never cease to amaze with how completely out there they are and the death of a male prostitute inside the home of a democratic donor is another example.

Gemmel Moore

Gemmel Moore is a 26-year-old black male prostitute who was mysteriously found dead at the house of democratic donor Ed Buck. Why this prostitute was there at all shows the type of beliefs that liberals believe in and his death seems highly suspicious. Moore’s family is out for answers and it looks like once again corrupt and criminal democrats will stop at nothing to hide their dirty little secrets.

Via American News:

26-year-old Gemmel Moore was found dead on July 27, 2017, in the bathroom of a West Hollywood, California apartment that belongs to top Democratic donor Ed Buck. Moore’s family is looking for an explanation, and based on the fact that Moore is a young, black, poor, male, and Buck is a white, wealthy and has a fair amount of political influence, the optics are not in Mr. Buck’s favor.

Nobody has been charged with a crime yet, despite the fact that multiple reports have surfaced claiming that Buck had an affinity for young, black men. There have even been young, black, male sex workers who have come forward with apparent photographic evidence proving that Buck had been one of their clients.

According to the male sex workers who have made allegations against Buck, he was known around the West Hollywood gay community as somebody who was willing to pay top dollar for young, black men, and not only engage in sexual acts, but inject the men with drugs.

Anytime anyone has dirt on liberals they mysteriously wind up six feet under, why is that?

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