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“PROUD TRANSGENDER” Democrat Candidate For Congress Turns Out To Be A Fugitive…ARRESTED In Wisconsin

A Democrat transgender running for Congress in Wisconsin just got busted for committing grand larceny. Yawn…

We now have a congressional Democratic transgender candidate from Wisconsin being arrested and placed on third-degree larceny charges for attempting to sell a ring she stole.

Juliet Germanotta “proud transgender” candidate has ripped off a ring from a Manhattan jewelry store. Ms. Germanotta was described by an ordained minister as a “proud transgender woman,” and she had ordered a $4,800 18-karat yellow gold Zambian emberld and diamond ring on September 19th from Mikaelians Jewelry store.

But when the ring arrived, Juliet Germanotta, said the ring was not to her liking, and wanted her money back. However, she pulled a quick one. Instead of sending the real ring ack to the jeweler, she send a $10 look-alike, and then sold the real one.

Via 100percentfedup:

A Democrat transgender running for Congress in Wisconsin just got busted for committing grand larceny. Yawn…

A Lacrosse, WI transgender person, who recently announced her primary campaign against Congressional Representative Ron Kind, is now in custody of the NYPD on grand larceny charges.

Juliet D Germanotta, 36, was arrested on February 12 by the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department at 400 La Crosse Street. That arrest followed a call to the DA’s office from the NYPD saying that Germanotta was wanted for grand larceny in the third degree.

According to the New York Post, a congressional candidate from Wisconsin was busted by the NYPD in her home state when she tried to sell a ring she ripped off from a Manhattan jewelry store, police said Wednesday.

Juliet Germanotta — who in campaign literature vowed to keep the state “fiscally responsible by questioning expenses ” — had ordered a $4,800, 18-karat yellow gold Zambian emerald and diamond ring from Mikaelians Jewelry on West 47th Street in Midtown on Sept. 19.

But Germanotta, 36, who describes herself as a “proud transgender woman,” claimed the ring she received was not to her liking and requested her money back from the store.

Instead of sending the real ring back, she sent the store a $10 replica — and sold the original, cops said.

Mikaelians filed a complaint with the NYPD on Oct. 2, recognizing the ring they received in return as a phony. And when Germanotta’s buyer in Wisconsin had the real ring appraised, it was learned that the jewelry was hot.

NYPD detectives picked up Germanotta in Wisconsin, where she confessed to the crime, authorities said.

She waived extradition in court Tuesday.

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