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After Reporter Tried to Call Her a Liar, Sarah Huckabee Left The Room in Stunned Silence With 1 Brutal Fact

Sanders Shuts Down Reporters Trying To ‘Negotiate’ Shutdown Terms

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders continues to do battle with the press over their sloppy reporting of facts related to the Government Shutdown over last weekend.

One reporter tried to defend Schumer and the Democrats after they SHUT DOWN the Government over an issue that isn’t even part of the spending bill… DACA.

The reporter questioned President Trump’s stipulation to end chain migration before addressing DACA, and proposed a false choice.

“Are you insisting on a complete end to chain migration for the President to not deport the DREAMers,” the reporter asked.

“We would like to see an end to chain migration, yes,” Huckabee-Sanders responded.

The reporter interrupted again, saying “But if you don’t get it, is he going to start deporting them on March 5th?”

Sarah responded, “Look, I’m not going to debate and negotiate with you, that’s what we’re doing with the House and The Senate and we’re going to come up with something that gets us to a place where we end chain migration.”

The reporter also questioned whether Sarah was serious about ending chain migration, saying that the Democrats voted to end it in 2013. Sarah shuts down this notion also.

The Fact is… It was the DEMOCRATS who chose to shut down the government to protect illegal aliens and because they refused to end chain migration. No matter how the media spins it now, this is a fact!

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