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Rudy Giuliani Destroys Maxine Waters, Issues Challenge In Epic Video

Lawyer to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, recently sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity to talk about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s drawn out investigation into President Trump. Giuliani set his sights on the Democrats, who are quickly losing their lead in the 2018 generic polls for the upcoming November midterm elections.

The lawyer specifically called out Democrat California Representative Maxine Waters.

He stated, “The people who will decide this are the people of the United States in the 2018 election. And, boy they are switching fast and the Democrats are running for cover. You don’t hear them say the words impeachment anymore. I challenge Maxine Waters so say impeachment! Say it! Say impeachment sweetheart!”

Take a look at the video below:

Last month, President Trump stated that if the Democrats win the House Majority back from the Republicans, the Democrats will surely try their best to impeach him.
“We have to keep the House because if we listen to Maxine Waters, she’s going around saying ‘We will impeach him,’” President Trump explained while speaking at a rally in Michigan.

Representative Waters has called for President Trump’s impeachment multiple times since he has taken office, including one time earlier in May after he announced his decision to withdraw from the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

“Trump, further isolating the United States, thinks he knows better than our negotiators and all of our global allies who agreed to the Iran deal. How long do we have to suffer his gigantic ego and narcissistic behavior? Impeachment is the only answer,” she tweeted.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they continue to make themselves look bad and their chances at taking back the House Majority isn’t looking good. So go ahead and say it again, Maxine!


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