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Illegal Immigration

Angel Wife of Hero Cop Killed by Illegal Alien: ‘Trump Promised no DACA, no Deals … Keep Your Promise’

American citizens elected President Trump for his strict policies and people like Ruth Johnston Martin expect his promises to be kept.

Illegal immigration laws are not protecting Americans and there is no argument against that fact. Multiple deportees manage to come back time and time again, thousands of citizens have died at the hands of illegals who had previously been removed and the families left alive to suffer the loss have had enough. In the least offensive way possible, illegals are known for their manipulation of the system and allowing this whole DACA amnesty law provides the perfect loophole for any illegal wishing to by-pass the citizen application process by simply having a baby or being under the age of 16. Unacceptable.

Via Breitbart:

Ruth Johnston Martin, an ordained chaplain and board member of The Remembrance Project, made her comments on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

“We say no to this bill,” said Martin. “No to DACA; no to amnesty.”

Angel Families’ support for Trump is based on the president’s stated opposition to amnesty, said Martin.

Ruth Johnston Martin

“[Donald Trump] was the only candidate to respond to our organization’s – The Remembrance Project’s – concern over illegal immigration,” said Martin. “He wasn’t seeing this as a soft subject. He saw it as severe. People are losing their lives, and he came out to Houston, Texas, to our conference. He sat around our table with all our Angel Families, and he listened to our stories one-by-one. He heard about our losses.”

Liberals may be more interested in protecting the rights on non-citizens but that isn’t what the American people who value the American way of life feel and with President Trump in deuce our country is on the verge of a purge.

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