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Sanders ‘Surrogate’, Jonathan Tasini, says GOP Train Accident God’s Work- Instantly Regrets It

Liberal and self proclaimed Sanders proxi, Jonathan Tasini, makes vile joke about recent Amtrak vs. Garbage truck fatality.

In a now removed social media remark, Jonathan Tasini made light of a grave occurrence that involved the death of a human being and he did it sacrilegiously. Recently an Amtrak train was involved in a fatal accident when it collided with a garbage truck and subsequently killed the driver, this train happened to be on its way to the Greenbrier congressional retreat.

Tasini decided it would be funny to point to the facts of GOP members being aboard and the involvement of waste products meaning it was God’s way of ‘taking out the trash’ if you will.

Via IJR:

An Amtrak train carrying GOP members to a retreat crashed into a garbage truck near Charlottesville, Virginia, leaving at least one person in the truck dead, and a Bernie Sanders surrogate said the accident was God’s work.

Jonathan Tasini

In a since-deleted tweet, Jonathan Tasini — a self-described Sanders surrogate and “CNN talking head” — tweeted the crash was simply an act of God trying to “clean up the stink.”

Jonathan Tasini

Wow, talk about having no class or standard of humor. Another democratic winner right here folks.

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