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Santilli: Is Pornstar Attorney Michael Avenatti Now Shilling For Professional Extortionist & Clinton Hack Mark Geragos?

By Pete Santilli |

The main stream, deep state media has been hell-bent on keeping pornstar Stormy Daniels in the news headlines.  Spotlight-hound Michael Avenatti, attorney for Daniels, who’s been groveling for a full time position with MSNBC, CNN and other left wing media outlets have been making the daily rounds on television for weeks.

Today on Twitter Avenatti stepped up his status by proclaiming that he had a “sworn declaration filed in court” connecting Michael Cohen to a Qatari named Ahmed Al-Rumaihi.  Before we begin to expose what Avenatti selectively omitted from the information he blasted on Twitter, one must ask the question; Why would any reputable attorney, if he had such damning evidence for his client, resort to broadcasting it on Twitter or YouTube?  Now that we see a path that leads straight to Mark Geragos, the answer is right in front of us.  Geragos is now making a career capitalizing on his notoriety, and especially leveraging potential settlements with his opponents by threatening irreparable harm via the media.

Case-in-point, in October 2017, Geragos was overheard on speaker phone talking to a sleazy Hollywood-styled PR guy and close friend of former Alex Jones employee Rob Jacobson saying, “… it’s sexier to bring a potential sexual harassment claim against Alex Jones, especially in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.”  Geragos said, “If you come at him as a disgruntled employee for wrongful termination, you’ll get nowhere.  If we allege that Jones sexually harassed you, Alex Jones will settle for millions in a heartbeat to make that go away.”   The Hollywood PR guy became very excited about his potential cut of the action, and off they went.

In February 2018, Jacobson, along with another former employee named Ashley Beckford filed complaints and the Daily Mail reported: ” Both Beckford and Jacobson are now being represented by lawyer Ben Meiselas, a civil rights leader at law firm Geragos & Geragos.”  (see article: EXCLUSIVE: Fired Infowars staffers at war with Alex Jones – one claiming he was teased as the site’s ‘resident Jew’ while African American worker says she was ‘mocked’ for her skin tone and Jones ‘grabbed her behind’

Who is Mark Garagos?  (Read his Wikipedia here)   He’s an outright Clinton crime family hack.  Geragos first came to national attention when he began representing convicted Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, the former business partner of former President Bill Clinton. Geragos completed his representation of McDougal by securing a presidential pardon for McDougal on January 20, 2001.  In another Clinton related case, Geragos won dismissal of all alcohol-related counts against former President Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton Jr.

How is Geragos related to Avenatti’s Twitter message?  Avenatti was referring to court documents filed in a case against wealthy Qatari “Ahmed Al-Rumaihi”:

This case of legal extortion goes much, much deeper.  When reading the filings in the case, it was discovered that Ahmed Al-Rumaihi is actually a known Qatari intelligence asset, as well as FARA registered as an agent for the Qatari government through a contractual relationship with Ashcroft, LLC.  (Yes, that Ashcroft)  The deep-state former U.S. Attorney for General George W. Bush.

The “sworn declaration filed in court” which Avenatti is referring to was submitted by Jeff Kwantinetz. Co-Chief Executive Officer of Big3 LLC, owned by none other than rapper “ICE CUBE”. (Read the affidavit below)

So, let’s recap.  Porny Daniels’ high-powered attorney (sarcasm emphasized) is on MSNBC, CNN, Twitter and Youtube broadcasting that he has legal proof of crimes committed by Trump.  Documents and information are being leaked to him, because the sources of those documents know he is a media whore.  Geragos himself has weaponized Avenatti in order to extort a settlement from Ahmed Al-Rumaihi on behalf of his former gangster client Ice Cube, and ultimately, the Clinton crime family is loving Geragos’ efforts to take down Alex Jones and Donald Trump.

Based on the circumstantial evidence, there can be no doubt that Geragos is shilling for the Clintons and is known for going after Trump’s biggest independent media supporter Alex Jones, and Avenatti is shilling for Geragos.  Ultimately, they’re all involved in a massive, deep-state conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


Avenatti_Garagos Hit Piece Trump.pdf by Pete Santilli on Scribd

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