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YES! Sarah Sanders Just Shut Them All Up!

Go Sarah!

Any american that holds resentment towards Sarah Sanders’ job as Press Secretary must not be paying much attention to the world around them.

Sarah Sanders’ position is not as simple as it may appear on the surface. Most of her job involves dealing with the leftist mainstream media that have a one sided opinion and resentment towards our President and his administration. This would drive anyone nuts.

Just picture a day in her shoes… Waking up to irrational people who are paid to act like your boss, questions every decision your actual boss makes, and then makes you explain all of it on the spot. Sarah Sanders however, is the perfect person for Press Secretary. She is poised and calm during it all, and has a serene way of providing sufficient and tolerable tones to the mainstream media.

Reported by newsbeatreporter:

Most of the mainstream media is rife with liberals who want to get some kind of dirt on President Trump at the drop of a hat. All you have to do is just look at the way that CNN was hiding in the bushes like a peeping Tom filming the President golfing the other day.

However, Sarah Sanders comes from a great line of people who aren’t willing to put up with any kind of crap. I really feel like the White House Press Corps truly believed that when they found out that a woman was going to be the press secretary they they thought they were going to get someone that would wilt in front of them…nope.

Sarah Sanders is great at getting the White House Press Corps to hurry it up…The Supercut below shows the tactics used by this superstar to keep the wild press in line:

Go Sarah!

ONE OF OUR ALL TIME FAVORITES WAS A RARE OCCASION WHEN SARAH WASN’T “FINISHED”: Sarah Huckabee Sanders was hot today when she went off on CNN’s Jim Acosta over the fake news that’s been constant the past few days. Jim Acosta also would not be quiet so Sanders had to get loud and forceful: “I’m not finished”
Sanders was making a point about reporters making a mistake vs when they report fake news on purpose…There is a big difference.

“There’s a big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people…something that happens regularly.” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Fox News Insider reports: White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders battled CNN reporter Jim Acosta, accusing the mainstream media of “purposefully” putting out false information.

As he began a question, Acosta told Sanders at Monday’s press briefing that journalists make “honest mistakes” and that doesn’t mean it’s “fake news.”

Sanders started to answer but Acosta and another reported interjected.

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