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After Sessions Refused Trump’s Order to Investigate Comey & Obama, Watch Jason Chaffetz Embarrass Him

Watch Jason Chaffetz Embarrass Him!

Jason Chaffetz, Fox News contributor and Gregg Jerrett are “mind-boggled” and “emparrassed” by President Donald Trump’s public criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

After President Trump went to Twitter to blast Sessions for taping one of “Obama’s guys” to see if there were any allegations of government surveillance abuse going on, they were not happy. Sessions has leaked that the Justice Department’s inspector general will be looking into the allegations.

President Trump’s reactions were in response to Sessions leak for the memos released about the FBI and DOJ actions in order to gain FISA warrants to spy on a previous Trump campaign advisor. “Attorney General Sessions is a ‘Trump guy,'” Chaffetz said on “America’s Newsroom.” “He’s the one that nominated him, he’s the one that appointed him.”

Reported by subjectpolitics:

Jason Chaffetz and Gregg Jarrett went on Fox News to talk about Jeff Sessions’ refusal to investigate Obama & Comey. This comes after Pres. Trump demanded that Sessions investigate FISA abuses that allowed the Obama Admin. to spy on the Trump campaign.

Over the weekend, President Trump Tweeted out that it is “disgraceful” that Attorney General Sessions is leaving it up to former Obama appointees to lead an investigation into the Obama Admin.

Sessions Responded by saying, “I continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor… in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and Constitution.”

Jason Chaffettz and legal expert Gregg Jarrett were clearly ticked off when they heard this response from Sessions. “If he’s not up to the job, get rid of him,” Chaffetz said.

Jarrett and Chaffetz both unloaded on Sessions last night on Hannity, with Chaffetz saying Sessions has “no guts.” and called for him to be fired.

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions has been utterly feckless in his responses.

Jason Chaffetz: Look you have an Attorney General who’s recused himself out of the very job. I’ve been saying for a few months, I’m sorry, Jeff Sessions is a good honorable person but he’s not up to the job. He doesn’t have the guts to get what needs to be done. He’s recused himself out of everything. You don’t need a special counsel if you have an Attorney General who can actually move the ball forward.

Gregg Jarrett: Jeff Sessions is not the Attorney General. He’s the AG in name only. It is being run by other people. Largely Rod Rosenstein. Sessions is kept in the dark, out of major decisions. He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on there.

Do you think Sessions should investigate Comey and Obama? If he doesn’t should he resign? Tell us below. Thanks!


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