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Social Security Swamp Slug Found Guilty By Federal Grand Jury Of Taxpayer Fraud

There is a reason why Americans are so wary of any person working for the federal government.

There is a reason why Americans are so wary of any person working for the federal government.

Spending an afternoon at your local post office allows you to see government stooges in their finest: closing windows when the lines get longer; giving complicated answers to questions that could be answered clearly; telling people that their mail is lost and refusing to actually look to find it.

In short, one afternoon at the post office would kill your soul. It is obvious federal government workers have no motivation to arrive and do a good job for their fellow man. They would rather work as slowly as possible, knowing their high salaries and benefits will cover them for life.

So what is most shocking is when we hear about a swamp slug who decides that a getting taxpayer-funded salary, amazing health benefits, and retirement pension are not enough. They would rather find more ways to fleece the taxpayers of their own money.

Enter Social Security employee who stole $25,000 from her own department in order to buy a car. But now the wages of sin is coming to her, as a federal grand jury not only indicted her but found her guilty.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Alabama announced in a news release Friday that Nakia Palmer, 35, and her husband Nathaniel, 30, were found guilty of fraud and witness tampering.

Nakia Palmer, who worked at the Social Security office in Montgomery, gave a false report to the Social Security office in Dothan stating that she worked as an “actress living in California” and that her husband Nathaniel Palmer had exclusive custody of her son.

The Palmers told similar lies to obtain food stamp benefits. In total, the couple fraudulently obtained $25,000 in benefits, which they used to purchase a new vehicle.

Although Nakia Palmer and her husband are facing decades of time in prison for their actions, shouldn’t it be fair that someone who commits fraud from their own government agency is given a harsher punishment for using the system to their advantage?

As frustrating as it is to see government workers float through life, not working hard and waiting for retirement, it is appalling to see a stooge of this kind purposely steal the funds that belong to us the taxpayers.

Let us hope the judge recognizes the seriousness of this crime and sentences them both to the full extent of the law.

Source: Breitbart

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