Two Streakers Get Destroyed By Security As They Ran Across The Jets 50-Yard-Line


I don’t know if you caught Monday night’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets. If you did, you know it wasn’t that exciting with only half the fans showing up, and the other half of that leaving by halftime. You can guess this was a rough game for the home team, who were massacred in the their 10-41 loss.

Not to worry though, there were two fans that didn’t want to let the crowd down, and decided to strip down and take the field. After taking a BOOMING hit by a security guard, the fans went fricken’ wild. Perhaps Mr. Security Guard should sign a deal with the team… he may have a few pointers for the Jets’ defense.

VIA| A fan posted video on Twitter showing the trespassing duo getting absolutely crushed by security. The first take down came from a state trooper, while the second bone-crushing hit was made by a security guard.

Meantime, radio announcer Kevin Harlan earned praise once again for his amusing narration of the whole thing.

“Did you see that tackle!? Ohhh, and the other guy is knocked down!” he screamed, with the Colts leading 31-3 in the third quarter.

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What a hit by that State Troop, don’t you thing?

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