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Lone Survivor From Texas Terror Attack Just Dropped Bomb About How Obama Orchestrated The Whole Thing

Obama receives a personal attack for being a disgrace to the human race as evidenced by his personal actions surrounding the recent Texas terror attack, which have just come to light.Bruce Joiner

During a 2015 terrorist attack in Garland Texas, one Security officer received a gunshot wound to the leg and was fortunately the only victim as security at the event was able to overtake and subdue the possibly fatal attack. Bruce Joiner has now decided to speak out and explain the responsible party to blame for the entire event. While most believe the events are a result of nothing more then the hateful acts of terrorism, Joiner has a very different opinion regarding the true reason for these attacks. In his personal opinion, that involves factual evidence, only one person is to blame for everything, former president Obama.

Via Freedom Daily:

In May of 2015, the first ISIS-backed terror event took place in our country after Muslim terrorists Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi loaded up their car with a heavy arsenal of weapons and 1,500 rounds of ammunition and drove to the Curtis Culwell center in Garland, Texas, where the “Draw Muhammad” contest was being held, with the intent of massacring everyone inside.

The two terrorists thankfully would never make it inside the event, as the buliding was heavily guarded. Both men would be shot and killed shortly after making it past the checkpoint and opening fire. The only victim that night was security guard Bruce Joiner, who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

Now Joiner is exposing the disturbing thing that Obama’s FBI agents did that day, where he’s now taking his complaints to federal court and dropping a horrifying bombshell revealing how Obama was the one directly behind the attack.

If the FBI fails to settle with Joiner, the Washington Examiner reported that the case “could shake loose hundreds of documents from both local and federal officials about what happened that day, and could answer the question of why an FBI agent was in a car directly behind the attackers and did nothing as the events unfolded.”

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