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Suzanne Somers Comes Out in Support of Trump, Says It Could End Her Career

The “Step by Step” star definitely earned herself some more fans by revealing her political leanings.

Suzanne Somers was recently asked about the government shutdown this past weekend.

Suzanne Somers was proud to announce she was happy with President Trump and how the economy has been doing with him as our leader. Somers has been an avid Donald Trump supporter and even made a joke about her career “could be over” for admitting her support, but she could care less.

Suzanne Somers, the “Step By Step” actress was eating with her husband, Alan Hamel, this weekend when she was questioned about the shutdown of the government in the West Hollywood eatery Madeo. Somers, 71 years old, claimed politicians need to “get it together.” She had absolutely no issues with voicing her support for President Donald Trump as she said: ‘I’m happy about him. I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better.’

From ijr:

President Donald Trump has been a polarizing figure throughout his political career. People either love him or hate him, and there’s really no middle ground. And depending on the industry one works in, an affinity for Trump might be something best kept hidden.

TMZ reporters caught up with Suzanne Somers in Los Angeles as she was leaving a restaurant. As it turns out, she is a giant Trump supporter and wasn’t shy about sharing that fact.

“Are you happy about the shutdown in the government today?” the reporter asked.

“Let’s just like get it all together,” she laughed.

“It’s Trump’s one-year anniversary, do you think it’s a good timely thing to be happening?” he asked.

“I’m happy about him,” Somers said.

“What’re you happy about?” the reporter asked.

“I’m happy that the economy is doing so much better,” she said.

She added, “And now my career is over,” because she just outed herself as a Trump supporter.

The “Step by Step” star definitely earned herself some more fans by revealing her political leanings.

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