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TOM FITTON: “ I Don’t Want New Prosecutors, I Want Prosecutions…Judicial Watch Has More Than Enough Evidence To Justify Arrest of Hillary Clinton” [VIDEO]

Tom Fitton sees the entire picture crystal clear.

Tom Fitton understands that the Hillary Clinton “scandal” isn’t just about crooked Hillary and her administration.

Fitton sees the entire picture crystal clear. He can look straight into the looking glass and see the truth. Hillary wasn’t the only one with her dirty schemes on Donald Trump. We have crimes from Obama, the FBI, and the DOJ. Tom Fitton knows without a doubt that Hillary and Bill took funds from Russia and tried to cover it under the sheets, and how the Mueller investigation needs to come to a halt already. It has been way too long.

This Trump-Russia fake collusion investigation is slowly coming to an end, and General Jeff Sessions needs to step up and save himself before its too late. Fitton is right on track and has pin pointed the exact people who need to be under investigation for their crimes. Wake up and do your job already, Mr. Attorney General!

Via 100percentfedup:

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton wasn’t mincing words when he appeared at the 2018 CPAC convention for conservatives. Fitton reminded the passionate crowd that Judicial Watch is their DC watchdog. He told them, “The Clinton email scandal isn’t over”. Tom Fitton explained that “The Clinton pay-for-play email scandal wasn’t just about Hillary Clinton, it’s an Obama scandal, a State Department scandal, a Justice Department scandal, and an FBI scandal.” Fitton told the crowd that it’s also a “Russian scandal”. Fitton explained: “Because we know that Bill and Hillary took Russia cash and wanted to cover it up. What better way to do that than with a secret email system?”

“You know we talk about special prosecutors, but enough of that…I don’t want new prosecutors, I want prosecutions.” Fitton demanded.  The crowd went wild when Fitton announced that they had enough evidence to arrest Hillary,”Stolen and destroyed records, violations of national security laws. You name it. Judicial Watch has compiled more than enough to justify the lawful arrest of Hillary Clinton.”

Fitton then explained how the corrupt DC establishment would rather talk about their “made up garbage about Trump and Russia” than address the Clinton crimes, claiming, “We have a rule of law crisis here in Washington.”

Fitton asked: “You know, I wonder, did Loretta Lynch talk about the dossier with Bill Clinton during that tarmac meeting?” He then suggested to the audience that Obama has a history of targeting “innocent conservatives and the tea party in 2012” by using the IRS and Robert Mueller’s FBI to “ensure his re-election”. “Is it any surprise that Obama would abuse and misuse the ‘deep state’ again in 2016 to try to steal another election? Unmasking, and then illegally leaking the names of Trump team members caught up in foreign intelligence gathering, would be an incredible, but unsurprising abuse by the Obama administration.” Fitton continued.

Fitton then nailed it, when he demanded the focus of collusion needs to be on Barack Obama and Hillary: “Now let me suggest that Obama and Clinton need to finally be questioned about their collusion…their shady little dossier.”

Watch, as Tom Fitton lays out the abuses and crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and explains how Mueller’s investigation needs to come to an end, and how Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to un-recuse himself:

Tom Fitton reports that Judicial Watch just caught the FBI in ANOTHER Hillary Clinton scandal coverup in his weekly update. Fitton also explains how the phony Trump-Russia collusion investigation is “in collapse”:

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