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By Pete Santilli

Today the beautiful people of the United Kingdom stepped up expression of their outrage towards those who unjustly incarcerated independent media journalist Tommy Robinson.

People around the world have come to the end of their rope. They are fuming towards corrupt government’s blatant censorship by taking journalists off the street in order to keep the masses uninformed, docile and compliant.

Today I spoke with several people who have no idea what the Tommy Robinson story is all about.  In the urgent process of getting information out to our readers & viewers about the explosive #FreeTommyRobinson movement, I want to briefly summarize my analysis, to the best of my ability & knowledge, especially for those unfamiliar with the story.

  • Independent Media Journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested on Friday May 25th 2018 for covering the Rochdale Grooming Trial.  Within a couple after his arrest for “disturbing the peace”, he was sentenced to 13 months in prison.
  • What is the Rochdale Grooming Case?  Essentially, it’s a case about a sex abuse ring being exposed in the U.K., and the local police resistant to prosecuting the ring-leaders out of fear of being called “racists” or Islamophobic — the police were more worried about political correctness and public perception than pursuing justice for the countless numbers of little girls being turned into sex slaves for the Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gang.  (Read more about it here: Rochdale grooming case – what really happened?)
  • As an advocacy journalist who was very passionate about exposing the truth on behalf of the teenage girls, Tommy Robinson was relentless in his coverage.  He’s exactly the kind of journalist the people love to follow on stories like this, especially because the main stream media is obviously in the pocket of the global sex traffickers and pedophiles.
  • Tommy Robinson is what I call (because I am one myself) a “brute-force technologist” when it comes to his advocacy for stories and causes.  Like me, he doesn’t have the luxury of satellite trucks and millions of dollars in pharmaceutical sponsorships to propel his message, so he has to rely upon his kind soul, big heart, his authenticity, his passion, and the ability to passionately rally like-minded viewers to a peaceful public protest.  He doesn’t have the money to pay for protesters like the left does, nor will his integrity allow him to participate in anything but a righteous & grass roots uprising.  He’s raw & real, and he has an audience he serves.  A real journalist.
  • What he does have is a main stream media and a U.K. government that employs virtually every military tactic in the book to put down a rebellion against the corrupt establishment.  The media has taken their marching orders and talking points from their masters to paint a picture of Tommy Robinson as “not a journalist” —  a racist, a person with a criminal past & therefore should not be accepted despite having served sentences for his past mistakes.   The establishment has done everything to demonize him, discredit him and restrict him.  Why? Because he’s developed a following in the millions.  The establishment cannot tolerate the fact that (a) he is more credible in delivering the full truth about any particular topic he choses than the main stream media and (b) his like-minded viewers — his CUSTOMERS who consume his authentic reporting — are waking up to the realities of corruption within our government.
  • The main stream media has every incentive to ally with their government masters.  The public totally distrusts them, and their only source of significant revenue is from the government themselves & the corporations controlled by the establishment.  Unfortunately for them, the people holding the purse strings are the people themselves, and they’re taking their wallets elsewhere.  The main stream media has become nothing more than a government propaganda machine, and they will stop at nothing to demonize and destroy the credibility of Tommy Robinson.  He literally kicks their arse with an iphone & the truth —  and “they” can’t have that.
  • On Friday, Tommy was in front of the courthouse to cover the verdict and just so happened to confront the defendants entering the courthouse.  As he approached them, he was doing EXACTLY what an independent media journalist does, especially an advocacy journalist like Tommy Robinson.  He was on his live stream expressing himself for the benefit of his viewing audience.  If you haven’t seen the original video of his coverage in front of the courthouse which led to the moment of his arrest, I suggest you watch it in its entirety.
  • There’s a leftist, Marxist entity which sides with the Global Islamic Terror network that uses sex trafficking as a means to finance it.  They are online spewing leftist talking points saying that “Tommy broke the law…there was a ban on reporting because they would declare a mistrial if the jury is prejudiced by media coverage.”  The Uk court system is not only known to be corrupt in favor of covering up pedophilia, it has a broken jury system unlike the jury system here in the United States.  They don’t have our jury selection system, and may not have jury sequestration, therefore, the entire public must be kept in the dark on the proceedings and outcome of a trial.  It’s obviously rigged that way so that their court system can manipulate the outcome of a trial by suppressing evidence, manipulating due process rights, and ensuring their pre-determined outcome without outside interference by “surfs” like us.  They cover up the crimes, and then they cover-up the prosecution — all for the benefit of keeping the peace & political correctness towards the Muslim immigrant population which has overrun their country.

On Tuesday May 29, 2018, I will be dedicating several hours of live coverage to this topic.  Please be sure to tune in on to catch the live broadcast beginning at 9am Eastern, 6am Pacific, and 2pm London Time.  We will not be persuaded or deterred by the so-called reporting “ban” imposed by the United Kingdom, and we encourage everyone to resist such tyranny themselves worldwide.

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