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TRUMP CLEARED: After Rosenstein Announced “No Collusion,” Trump Embarrassed Him & Mueller

After this year-long witch hunt, all Mueller could find was a few Russians posting memes on Facebook.

On Friday, the Justice Department charged 13 Russians and three companies in an indictment that lifted the sheets on a sophisticated network.

The network was designed to corrupt the 2016 election and to “support” the Trump campaign. The indictment reached from an office in St. Petersburg, Russia, all the way into the social feeds of Americans. Ultimately reaching the streets of the 2016 election battleground states.

It is said the Russians stole the identity of Americans citizens, then posed as political activist and used the high points of immigration, religion and race to create a campaign. A campaign in which these issues were disruptive. “The indictment alleges that the Russian conspirators want to promote discord in the United States and undermine public confidence in democracy,” Rod J. Rosenstein.

So how much of this is really the truth and how much of it shows how much the Russians pose on both Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump fabrications.

From subjectpolitics:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Special Councel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian Nationals for meddling in the 2016 election.

Rosenstein also explicitly stated they found “No collusion” between the Trump campaign and these Russian “trolls.” He also said,  that these Russians had “no outcome” on the election.

But it gets even better for Trump.

The deputy attorney general revealed that these Russians started posting about the election in 2014, nearly 2 years before Trump even decided to run. This crushes the mainstream media narrative.

“No allegation in the indictment of any effect on the outcome of the American election.”

President Trump just responded to this news and he celebrated the fact that the truth finally came out.

After this year-long witch hunt, all Mueller could find was a few Russians posting memes on Facebook.

Julian Assange saw this as vindication after he was falsely tied to the Russians by the Clinton campaign.  He pointed out that the indictment also showed the Russians posted both Pro-Trump AND Anti-Trump materials.

Trump supporters took to Twitter to mock the media for their obsession with this nonsense.

That is hilarious.

But the main thing is… this RUINS Mueller’s investigation.

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