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Trump Comes Forward, Fires Shot Heard Loud And Clear By Every Illegal Immigrant In USA

President Trump recently blamed Democrats for his administrations decision to separate families caught crossing the border. 

As President Trump agreed for continued support for his zero tolerance policy, he drew extreme amounts of backlash from both parties. Trump went off on Twitter explaining that Democrats are the real problem.

The president explained that the left sees migrants as potential voters as the lawmakers denounce the separation of families and children. Trump is fighting hard for America and the people love him for his efforts and accomplishments. Or at least honest Americans do. 

Via subjectpolitics:

President Trump is a fighter and he does not back down and America loves him for it. Or the honest Americans do.

The left is terrified of Trump because he actually gets things done. He does what he says and after years of Obama and the rest talking and doing the opposite, the left is in unchartered territory.

In response, they have launched a relentless campaign to stop Trump’s immigration stance and most normal politicians would have caved by now.

But Trump is not normal.

“Democrats are the problem. They don’t care about crime and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be, to pour into and infest our Country, like MS-13. They can’t win on their terrible policies, so they view them as potential voters!”

“We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions.”

“#CHANGETHELAWS Now is the best opportunity ever for Congress to change the ridiculous and obsolete laws on immigration. Get it done, always keeping in mind that we must have strong border security.”

Are you proud of Trump or do you want him to fold under the left’s pressure?

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