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Trump Reportedly Plans To Ignore DOJ Demands To Bury It – Democrats Scramble As He’s Expected to Release HPSCI Memo Soon

Democrats are in full panic mode with the realization that President doesn’t care about their request to deny public access concerning the damning memo compiled by the HPSCI. It’s time the country knew the truth about corruption poisoning the Democratic Party and Trump has no problem being the one to expose them.

“President Trump is straight forward kind of guy and this HPSCI memo will be made public knowledge whether the DOJ likes it or not.”

DOJ members as well as FBI have made the claim that the public wouldn’t understand and therefore we don’t have the right to know but we all know the real reason has nothing to do with that.


These violations were written into a summary form by the HPSCI that filled four pages and has become known simply as the “memo.”

The memo reportedly chronicles all of the laws that were broken to justify the appointment of Robert Mueller with orders to destroy the Trump Presidency.

Democrats on the HPSCI immediately recognized the potential devastation the memo would reek on their party and moved to block its release.

Rep. Steve King has read the memo. He didn’t mince any words with his tweet:


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