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Trump Sends Reassuring Message to Hurricane Victims

President Trump walked outside the White House on Sunday alongside first lady Melania Trump and spoke about the federal government’s response to Hurricane Irma. He said that he plans to go see the damage “very soon.”

Trump said some amazing things about the first responders and made it very clear that he is very proud of the job that the US Coast Gaurd has done during the storm. Then suddenly a reporter asked him about the cost of the Hurricane… what Trump said next is dropping jaws across the nation.

Trump responded:


“I think it’s been going really well,” Trump told reporters. “I mean the bad news is this is some big monster, but I think we’re really well-coordinated.”

The President then reserved praise for Coast Guard.

“(A) group that really deserves tremendous credit is the United States Coast Guard,” Trump said, standing next to first lady Melania Trump. “What they’ve done, I mean, they’re going right into that, and you never know. When you go in there, you don’t know if you’re going to come out.”

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA are continuing to keep Trump up to date and say that Trump is just a phone call away at all times, according to CNN.

Help share this everywhere if you are so proud of our President for his handling of these natural disasters.

Let’s keep Florida in our thoughts and prayers as they brave this huge storm. God bless our President and the great people of Florida. Amen.

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