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Line of the Night: Trump Says 26 Words at SOTU Address, Lights Entire Auditorium On Fire

President Trump’s SOTU address contained one statement that shows what kind of President America is dealing with.


Rather than focus on how the government can control every aspect of our lives as liberals do, our new republican president has a different agenda in mind. Less government, more local control, America first, and Jesus Christ is a pretty quick summary of what Trump delivered to the American public at his SOTU address and his use of ‘In God We Trust’ caused a monumental response.


Trump perfectly summed up the difference between conservatives and liberals. On the right, they talk about faith, family, and independence from government. On the left, not so much. They like to focus on how the government is the answer and we all know the war that the left waged against religious freedom during the Obama years.

It’s so refreshing to have a leader who embodies the values that our founding fathers set forward when beginning our great nation. Hard work and faith.

Liberals can complain about racism and sexist behavior all they want, what I see is what matters and I’m not seeing anything but success. How about you?

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