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President Trump Stops Obama’s $13 Billion Insider Deal For Cronies Dead In It’s Tracks

President Trump is doing everything he can in order to rebuild the infrastructure of our country.

Most Americans know President Obama had no problem spending money.

The largest issue however, is the money the former president was paying out belonged to the hard working people of America who payed their taxes. Liberals always find a way for the devious government to keep spending until there is nothing left, and all of the United States is left bankrupt. In the end, we are left with increased taxes, no available jobs, and total business loss.

With the new president in the White House, everything is making a 360 degree turn for the better. President Trump is working towards new control for the federal government for a more efficient and productive level of control. So far in his first year as president, Trump has already saved Americans millions of dollars in shaved regulations, created a smaller government, and has constructed major tax cuts.

From theviralpatriots:

Now, President Trump can be thanked for something else, ending a very bad deal that Obama put into place. This deal would have let two liberal states totally screw over the rest of America.

Conservative Tribune reported:

While he was in office, former President Barack Obama worked out a $13 billion rail tunnel for two deep-blue Democrat states in which U.S. taxpayers would be paying for half of the bill. Luckily for the American people, President Donald Trump is in office now to put a stop to this overpriced project.

According to Fox News, the plan was supposed to renovate Amtrak tunnels and tracks between New York state and New Jersey that have fallen into disrepair…

However, the issue isn’t whether the repairs should be made. The issue is with who will pay for them.

According to the original plan, the costs would be split three different ways. They would be split between the states of New York, New Jersey, and also the federal government. Fox reported that both New York and New Jersey have already started backing out of their end of the deal. They were requesting to make their payments by using loans from the federal government. Basically, they wouldn’t have to pay anything up front at all. All of the funds would be coming from the federal government. So, in the end, the rest of the country would be picking up the bill for their improvements to a failing transportation system which is used by New York and New Jersey residents. Doesn’t sound very fair, does it?

It doesn’t seem very surprising either coming from states that use strong-arm tactics and are known for their mafia ties. Liberals in New York state and New Jersey seem to learn their tactics from mobsters. They tax their residents until they have no money left, and clearly the money isn’t going to the right places since they’re still asking the federal government for help.

Online users had a very good question about the whole matter. Why should anyone outside of the Northeast pay the bill for the Northeast?

The deal wasn’t horrible to start off. President Trump made a promise to rebuild infrastructure, however, the political crooks in New York and New Jersey just wanted to place the entire burden on the shoulders of the federal government. They made it clear that they were not willing to spend any state money.

It only seems fair that these states are the ones investing in their own infrastructure. But, when Obama was in charge, Libs felt that they could get away with just about anything. That isn’t the case anymore. President Trump is doing everything he can in order to rebuild the infrastructure of our country, not just two states. Every state will have to pay their own share.

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