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US Army Going Old School With Training After Too Many Recruits Act “Entitled”

US Army set to change basic training thanks to ‘entitled’ millennial behavior.

US Army

Current Army recruits are showing up with unkempt appearances and lacking discipline that was a standard for previous generations. This has lead to many complaints and now the US Army will be giving its basic training program a makeover to include a stricter turn out of recruits with actual discipline and respect. The entitled nature of millennials will come back to bite them on the butt, showing a modicum of hard work instead of relying solely on privilege would be very beneficial and the sooner the better because the US Army is only the beginning.

Via Conservative Tribune:

“The U.S. Army will soon launch a redesign of Basic Combat Training intended to build more discipline after many commanders complained that new soldiers often show up to their first units with a sloppy appearance and undisciplined attitudes,” reported Friday.

“By early summer, new recruits will go through Army BCT that’s designed to instill strict discipline and esprit de corps by placing a new emphasis in drill and ceremony, inspections, pride in military history while increasing the focus on critical training such as physical fitness, marksmanship, communications and battlefield first aid skills.”

The new basic training regimen “will also feature three new field training exercises that place a greater emphasis on forcing recruits to demonstrate Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills.”

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