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FBI’s Anti-Trump ‘Secret Society’ Thought They Had Destroyed The Evidence … Turns Out They Made A Fatal Mistake

Democrats special counsel investigation and the FBI attempted to erase damning evidence… but they forgot that someone else had copies.

By now the country is well aware of the affair between two FBI agents who happened to be working on the special counsel tasked to investigate allegations of Russian collusion against President Trump. Both agents displayed open aversion to the president which presents a conflict considering the non-bias responsibility of the counsel. A plethora of text message evidence proving Strzok and Page were conspiring with other members of the FBI to promote a liberal agenda was discovered and subsequently lost. Or was it?

It has now been revealed that the DOJ’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, is in possession of the damning evidence that speaks of a ‘secret society’ and that means AG Jeff Sessions has the fun task of assigning legal charges where they are clearly due.

Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is a complete joke and the thought of it being conducted sans bias is comical. The FBI is corrupt and its corruption appears to go way, way back.


John Ratcliffe, an under-the-radar Congressman from Texas, revealed the existence of the text message that raised the red flags. Ratcliffe is a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, and he chairs the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Committee among his other committee assignments.


Following that Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC), ended the speculation when he told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that a confidential informant told his investigatory committee:

“There were indications that there were a number of high-level FBI officials that were holding secret meetings offsite. More than just Strzok and Page. But understand Strzok and Page were very high level within the FBI.”

Well the gig is up. Investigators can now examine the text messages that rogue agents Strzok and Page exchanged during the ensuing five months – the texts that they thought they had erased or that an accomplice inside the bureau erased – because the DOJ’s Inspector General had possession of them all along.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed this in a letter he sent to Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who had inquired about the messages.

Horowitz confirmed he received the messages on August 10, 2017 soon after he had submitted a request for them.


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