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Why On Earth Is Jeff Sessions Begging Congress to NOT Release the Memo?

AG Jeff Sessions has some serious explaining to do, why is he so against the release of Nunes’ memo?

Currently America is divided on whether or not the DOJ should make public a currently classified memo that basically equates to a summary of all the illegalities surrounding the Obama administration and its abuse of intelligence capabilities for the sole purpose of spying on a then presidential candidate. Jeff Sessions as current Attorney General would presumably agree with the President who wishes for its release but that isn’t the case. For some unknown reason Sessions has sided with the liberals in his desire to keep the memo classified. Why?


In a letter sent Wednesday to California Representative Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), the Justice Department argued that it would be “extraordinarily reckless” for the committee to publicly release the memo.

The Sessions’ DOJ argued that the “unprecedented” release of such a memo could have national security consequences and damage future investigations.

So the question remains: why, exactly, is Attorney General Jeff Sessions so nervous about releasing the memo? He either thinks that some line of evidence in the memo might reflect poorly upon him and his office, or he’s worried about exposing someone else.

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