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SMOKING GUN: Tucker Goes Public with ‘Never-Before-Seen’ FBI Texts, Reveals What We All Suspected

The infamous missing texts between FBI agents Page and Strzok have been found and a new release by Tucker Carlson proves corruption.


Hillary Clinton’s multiple FBI investigations appear to have been compromised from the get-go and the extramarital affair between agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok produced evidence in the form of overindulgent text messaging. The two had shared over 50,000 messages during the time in question and while some ‘mysteriously’ went missing from the FBI’s database, the obvious attempt to tamper with evidence was unsuccessful as the messages have now been recovered.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson aired a couple of these questionable messages and while the content is open for debate, there is no doubt that a clear bias was in existence prior to any interviews with the actual subject.


From Fox News:

FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were concerned about being too tough on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the bureau’s investigation into her email practices because she might hold it against them as president, text messages released on Thursday indicated.

“One more thing: she might be our next president,” Page texted Strzok on Feb. 25, 2016, in the midst of the presidential campaign, in reference to Clinton.

“The last thing you need [is] going in there loaded for bear,” she continued. “You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more [DOJ] than [FBI]?”

Strzok replied that he “agreed” and he had relayed their discussion with someone named “Bill.”

That’s all the proof one needs to see that the entire investigation on Clinton was compromised before Hillary was ever even interviewed. And for what reason? Concern over possible political backlash, which has NOTHING to do with holding a fair and unbiased investigation so that justice may be served.

These are the same sentiments that republican Trey Gowdy expressed while speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

The Daily Caller:

Speaking to Tucker, Gowdy said, “This, I think is the unvarnished truth of how they viewed both her, him and the investigation and how they wanted it to turn out. Keep in mind, Tucker, all of this is done before she was ever interviewed. So the fix was in. Unfortunately, before they even interviewed the target of the investigation.”

The Daily Caller co-founder asked, “What does it tell you about what they thought of Hillary Clinton? They believed, if she became president she would punish our chief law enforcement agency for investigating her. What does that say about their view of her? Or their understanding of her?”

Gowdy responded, “It’s either that, or I think another reasonable construction is she’d award the DOJ, thinking it was more DOJ lawyers that concluded she should not be charged as opposed to the FBI. And that’s actually how I read it–that she would give more credit to the Department of Justice–you know, keep in mind, reading these texts, it doesn’t appear that anyone wanted her charged, before they even know what she was going to say. I read that to be, they were concerned the DOJ would get the credit for taking care of her more than the bureau would.”

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