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This Video Of Liberal Media Calling Trump Nazi, Comparing Him To Hitler and Slave Master Goes Insanely Viral

The Media Research Center compiled a montage of media and punditry comparing the border crackdown by Donald Trump to Nazism, the Holocaust and slavery.

June 3rd through the 18th, the mainstream media devoted 176 minutes to “children separated from their parents at the border.”

This on the heels of members of the Trump White House being characterized at Nazis and white supremacists.

On college campuses, conservatives are called the same. The left over the years has done its level best to desensitize the public from the true horror of Nazism, the Holocaust, slavery and white supremacy so they could use those titles falsely against their political enemies.

My question is where to they go from here? How much lower can the Democrat Party and the left go?

You’ve compared those you disagree with to the most despotic regimes and leaders in the history of mankind.

This is why congressmen are being shot at baseball practice and a Senator was tackled from his riding lawnmower and severely injured.

This is why colleges and inner cities burn in protest.

This all began as America’s first black President strummed his fingers and whistled never without a single protestation.

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