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VIDEO: Palestinian Caught On Camera With Fake Crutches

By Pete Santilli, Radio Talk Show Host |

Not long ago, I was strongly advocating for lifting supply-line blockades to the Palestinian territories.  We’ve all seen the imagery:  emaciated  middle easterner with sad expressions on their faces; poor young men and women waving red, green, white & black flags; kids throwing rocks at well-equipped Israeli forces; smoke and fire in the backdrop.  Any compassionate person stands up for the “little guy”.

It’s not just an emotional response; it’s human nature.

For almost 2 years I didn’t have access to the internet, and I can honestly say that it literally freed my mind.  Over the course of several years watching Youtube propaganda videos featuring the plight of the oppressed Palestinians, I now realize I was incrementally brainwashed into believing a false, manufactured narrative. A narrative skillfully crafted by left-wing propagandists.

We see it time and time again.  Whether it be poor families pouring over the U.S./Mexico border with babies under their arms; unarmed protesters in the streets of Baltimore being pummeled with tear gas, or Palestinian refugees fleeing war, almost every image is specifically crafted and distributed by the main stream media we all know is bought and paid for — let’s call it outright hijacked — by the left.  In this modern age, the so-called “news” we consume on cable TV and the internet is scripted to suit a specific narrative.

In the case of the Palestinians in Gaza, the narrative is always crafted in opposition to the Israeli government, charged with an almost insurmountable task of keeping the Israeli people safe.  Let’s face it, there is a very well-organized effort to supply Palestinian terrorists with money and equipment to disrupt the daily lives of people living on the other side of the Gaza border.  Certain middle eastern governments are using the Palestinians as a proxy in their war against those defending the Holy land of Israel.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a quick historical snapshot of who the so-called “leftists” are.  In the not so distant past, the Obama administration, from top to bottom, was doing everything but waving a Muslim Brotherhood flag in front of the White House. From Iranian infiltrator Valerie Jarret, Uma Abedin, to Barack Hussein Obama, our entire government was transformed into a bureaucratic & political machine virtually operating on behalf of the Global Islamic Terrorist movement.

In a relatively short period, the Obama Administration used every means to advance their leftist agenda through the main stream media, silicon valley’s totalitarian control of the internet, not to mention reshaping the entire political landscape in the halls of Congress, as well as our education system.  The front face of their agenda is what we call propaganda.

On domestic issues, the left never let’s a “good crisis go to waste”.  News about mass shootings are now everyday propaganda hit pieces against our second amendment.  On a global level, we are constantly bombarded with messaging about homeless Syrian refugees, or starving Palestinians.  Ultimately, the left wing narrative is always propelled by propaganda.  Sometimes subtle, but mostly certainly in our faces around the clock.

Sometimes the propagandists get caught.

In the past few days, news of the historic relocation of our U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem has almost been overshadowed by imagery coming from the Israeli/Gaza border.  Main stream media outlets have focused their lenses on smoke, fire, tear gas and rock throwing rioters.  Instead of focusing on educating the public on the historic significance of the United States recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the pipeline of imagery over the past 24/48 hours has been intentionally crafted to suit a left wing, globalist agenda: to get every one of the 193 countries within the United Nations to submit to global governance.  192 nations have all relinquished their sovereignty to the UN, and in return, they’re allowed to determine where their capital is located. The nation of Israel has struggled to maintain its sovereignty, yet has never been allowed by the 192 other UN “partners” to establish its capital in Jerusalem.

Who is being oppressed?  Who is the little guy being controlled by a 192 nation bully called the United Nations?  If you watch the main stream news, you would think that the little guy is the courageous Palestinian on the Gaza border, and the oppressor is the Israeli defense forces.  Reality is much different than what we’re being told.  The FACT is that 192 nations insist on oppressing the nation of Israel, and have demanded that they relinquish their sovereignty & not be allowed to determine where their capital is located.

The left wing globalists have used every means necessary, including mass media propaganda — and especially including support for global terrorism — to advance their agenda for a One World Government.

Don’t be deceived by the globalists.  Most importantly, don’t fall into a trap of supporting someone else’s narrative by attacking people (like myself) with an opposing view.  Think for yourself and allow others to express themselves freely.  Regardless of your opinion, I trust that everyone will respect my right to express mine here freely.  I certainly don’t want 192 people ganging up on me and then calling me an oppressor.

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