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VIDEO: Woman Hunter on Horseback Viciously Whips Anti-Hunting Activist

The subject of hunting has always been one of controversy and a recent encounter between hunter and anti-hunting advocate didn’t end peacefully to say the least.

While hunting regulations in England are already extremely limited that doesn’t appear to be good enough for certain anti-hunting activists who apparently won’t sleep until hunting has been completely outlawed. Recently a group of hunters who were within their legal rights received an unnecessary attack for members of an anti-hunting organization known as the ‘Brighton Hunt Saboteurs’ who disagree with these legal rights. In an attempt to stop the hunt one anti-hunt advocate attempted to restrain One riders horse only to be met with a rightfully deserved beating via horse crop.

Via Breitbart:

Calling themselves the “Brighton Hunt Saboteurs,” a group of black-clad, anti-fa-like activists who aim to end fox hunting, recently swarmed into the fields near Pevenseyman, England, to stop a group of hunters on horseback, the Daily Mail reported.

Not surprisingly, when the two sides met on the field tempers flared between the two groups.

During the arguments, one of the anti-hunting advocates grabbed the reins of a woman’s horse to prevent the animal from joining in the hunt.

Anti-hunting advocate

The rider repeatedly warned the activist to let go of her horse and when he persisted, she raised her riding crop and brought it crashing down on his head. Repeatedly. In fact, she slashed at him up to 17 times before he wisely turned loose of the reins.

Watch Here:

Lesson, do NOT come between a hunter and husband or her prey.

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