Dr. Sandra Is Back To Pop The Biggest Blackhead Ever, You’re Going To Want To See This


Dr. Sandra the pimple popper is back! If you’re into the pimple popping scene then this video, of all the best poppings, is for you. But be warned there are some new ones in here that will even have some of you veteran viewers turning away.

VIA| This patient had a small black circle that she thought might be a Dilated Pore of Winer. But it turned out to be an epidermoid cyst, a benign growth that can appear anywhere on the body. They’re the most common kind of cutaneous cysts, and the cyst is filled with macerated keratin, or wet skin cells. That is what gives the inside of the cyst its pasty consistency. Usually, these cysts are harmless, but they can rupture or become infected. A Dilated Pore of Winer, meanwhile, is basically a large blackhead, where dead skin cells get trapped and enlarge the pore.

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