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Weak 11: Fans Finding Other Things to Do, Empty Seats Fill Stadiums Everywhere

NFL Ratings are reaching detrimental lows as stadiums around the country were pictured with thousands of empty seats as week 11 came to a close.


National anthem protesting has completely ruined football and the entire NFL organization. No one is discussing the games as kneeling players overshadow everything. Football is no longer about the sport, it has turned completely political and if something doesn’t change the super bowl will not be the American pastime it has been for the past several decades.

Via Breitbart:

With TV ratings off nearly 20 percent over all and the networks already known to have lost up to $500 million in ad revenue, it is becoming clear that last year’s 12 percent decline wasn’t because of the raucous political season, a claim that served as the excuse for the 2016 season’s ratings loss.

The ratings slide is reflected in the skimpy attendance at the stadiums, too, with Week 11 photos showing that there are still empty seats galore.

With some analysts saying that the worst of the TV ratings fall may have peaked for 2017, the seats in stadiums are still going unfilled with only 6 more weeks of the season to go.

NFL players continue to claim that their protesting isn’t disrespectful yet over Veterans Day weekend the majority of players chose to postpone their kneeling, why would that be if it isn’t disrespectful?

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