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Abedin In Hot Water Over Emails Sent Via Yahoo Account


Human Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s longtime friend and assistant, has recently been in the news for some very amusing reasons.

If you have not been reading the headlines, over the last week the State Department discharged a collection of emails exposing dirt on Abedin’s embittered husband. Additionally, containing the pedophile conviction of Anthony Weiner during the end of the presidential campaign in 2016. If you can recall, these were the exact emails that lead to the reopening of former FBI Director James Comey’s investigation on Mrs. Clinton towards the end of the election last November.

Hillary made it seem like the emails were not important. However, it was just a disheveled scheme to influence the election. Now we can clearly see it was all a massive distraction from the truth after what we have just spotted hiding on Mrs. Abedin’s ankle.

According to freedomdaily:

President Trump made waves again earlier this week when he tweeted that Huma Abedin should be in jail for using her personal, unsecured Yahoo email to forward highly sensitive State Department emails that included passwords to government systems.

According to The Daily Caller, Abedin who was Clinton’s top aide when she served as Secretary of State would often forward highly sensitive government emails to her unsecured server to print out these documents which fell prey to hackers from 2014-2016. Of course, this breach of protocol would get anyone of us thrown behind bars, but because she is a Clinton crony, Huma has been able to remain free, but that may about to change, and here is why.

Here is more from Mediaite:

According to an FBI report obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, Abedin used a Yahoo account if her official State Department account was down or if she needed to print an email or document. This was back when she served under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In the report, Abedin explained that “it was difficult to print from the DoS system so she routinely forwarded emails to her non-DoS accounts so she could more easily print.”

It wasn’t known to the public until 2016 that Yahoo suffered from multiple major data breaches by a “state-sponsor actor” and that over 1 billion accounts were affected between 2013-2015.

As Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller reports, Clinton’s deputy chief of staff regularly forwarded work-related emails with sensitive information to her personal Yahoo account, [email protected] She also had an email that was linked to Clinton’s private server, [email protected], as well as her official work email, [email protected]

Many of emails obtained by Judicial Watch were redacted. However, Abedin did send emails that contained passwords to official government accounts. One email that was forwarded to Abedin’s Yahoo account was sent by Clinton ally Sid Blumenthal. The subject read “Important. Not for circulation. You only. Sid.” and read “CONFIDENTIAL… Re: Moscow Summit,” at the top of the highly-redacted email.

Just before the bombshell report was released concerning Huma Abedin’s depraved indifference to national security, she was seen scurrying to Hillary Clinton office’s in midtown Manhattan. However, it was not Abedin herself racing toward the Clinton offices that caught onlooker’s eyes, but what was under her pant leg.

When Abedin’s right pant leg was zoomed in on it much closer, it appeared she was wearing an ankle monitor due to the wrinkles and shape.

Now, of course, it could be just the way she was walking or she enjoys strapping devices to her legs when she heads to work, but considering that the noose is tightening around Huma and the rest of the treasonous scoundrels she runs with, anything is possible. And, now that many of Abedin’s close relatives are behind bars for fraudulent activity it is only of time before Huma finds herself in the similar accommodations.

For instance, late in December, right before the 2,800 emails were released two of Abedin’s cousins were both convicted of fraud and are facing ten years in prison. And, then right before that another one of Huma’s cousins Irfan Amanat, was charged in Manhattan Federal Court in the KIT Digital case.

It appears that President Trump is keeping his promise to drain the swamp and if we are so blessed, we may see Hillary Clinton and her associates in jail soon. For too long these disgusting individuals have gotten away with destroying our country and putting Americans in harm’s way.

It is past the time for these traitors to finally serve the sentence they deserve and we can all hope and pray that Trump does it before the year is out.

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