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Married Politician Caught “Having Sex With a Man in His Office”

Anti-LBGTQ politician caught having sexual homosexual relations wit her another man.

Marriage being between a man and a woman is clearly defined in the Bible, therefore homosexual marriage is a sin. Adultery is another sin that’s is clearly laid out as unacceptable. Well apparently Wes Goodman didn’t get the memo as he decided to marry a woman and then cheat on her with a man all the while advocating anti-LBGTQ beliefs. Talk about some serious denial and deflection.


Ohio Republican Wes Goodman has always been proud of his Christian faith. He has been openly anti-LGBT, and hasn’t been shy about letting people know his views about homosexuality yet was caught in his office having sexual relations with another man.

Wes Goodman
He is married to a woman who is the assistant director of an annual anti-abortion rally that is known as March for Life.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that the witness came to Ohio House Chief of Staff Mike Dittoe to tell him what had occurred on Tuesday afternoon. Dittoe spoke to House Speaker Republican Cliff Rosenberger about the incident who then met with Goodman. 33-year-old Goodman has been labeled as the “conscience of the conservative movement” in the past. He has now resigned from his post for “inappropriate conduct.”

Clearly there are several ‘republicans’ who don’t really value republican values so are they really even republicans?

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